Thursday, 23 August 2012

On Friday 17th August, friends of Jill Reynolds gathered with her family for a memorial service at St Mary the Virgin church in Chipping Camden, Oxfordshire. Jill had died peacefully at her other home in France, with her husband Dave holding her hand, on July 26th. Jill's obituary in the Guardian is here.

As anyone who followed her blogs here and in other places will know, Jill was a very calm and thoughtful person who was unflinching in writing about her illness and impending death, but she was a pains to make it easier for those around her to talk about it, or not talk about it, as they needed to. As Jill described in one of her blogs below, she had managed to eat, drink and sing with people from all aspects of her life before her death, and she was very grateful for being able to do that. I felt that because of how she handled the time between diagnosis just a few months ago, and her death, we at the memorial service were able to think about a life well-lived and a woman well-loved with sadness about her passing but without regrets about things unsaid or undone. A good death. Goodbye Jill, and thanks for being among us.

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