Friday, 9 December 2011

Meet the authors

CABS members Julia Johnson and Bill Bytheway at a recent 'meet the authors' event. 
Both 'Residential Care Transformed' and 'Unmasking Age' were published in 2011 to great reviews.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

New report on quality of life

Yesterday saw the launch of a new report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on the quality of life of older people with high support needs. CABS members Jeanne Katz, Caroline Holland and Sheila Peace were the researchers and lead authors of this study. They undertook a literature review and also interviewed a diverse group of 26 people with high support needs aged between 40 and 93.

Key points from the report include:

  • The views of older people with high support needs have rarely been sought. Reasons for this include their invisibility, communication issues and the lack of a collective voice.

  • Participants in the study wanted and valued different things in their lives, but all expressed common human needs for social, psychological and physical well-being.

  • People valued their close emotional relationships, though some expressed concerns about 'imposing' on family and friends. Many had made new friends as a result of their increasing support needs.

  • Having control over their lives was important but meant different things to different people. Adjusting well to change was also central to psychological well-being, and this might require support.

  • Participants valued getting out and about, keeping mentally and physically active and having contact with nature.

  • Care, support and other people's time were key factors that enabled or prevented people doing things that mattered to them.

  • Participants faced various challenges and difficulties, some a result of illness, disability and ageing but many because of lack of access to information, money, technology, equipment and transport.
The summary is available here and the full report here.