Thursday, 22 April 2010

Interviews at Age Concern MK

Yesterday Josie Tetley, Caroline Holland and I held a number of interviews with people who are involved with the Opt-In (Grundtvig funded) Project which is looking at how older people interact with technology.

I did two of the interviews. It was fascinating to see how some older people (and I accept that they might be a minority) use technology extensively. Both the two people I talked to had been involved with changing technologies throughtout their (paid) working lives. In 'retirement' technology is centrally involved in enabled them to engage in a wide range of activity - technologies were clearly underpining and make possible all sorts of things.

Jonathan Hughes

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  1. This sounds like fascinating work and I look forward to hearing more about the study. I also wonder if the use of tecnology in retirment is dependant upon individuals life long attitude towards technology and gadgets!