Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Raising the profile of LGBT ageing and later life

LGBT Lives
Symposium on Ageing
Raising the Profile of LGBT Ageing and Later Life

As part of the seminar LGBT lives: The biographies and life course of sexual/gender dissidents, the organisers would like to invite papers for a parallel session devoted to exploring issues of LGBT ageing and later life. The session will include up to 10 short (ten minutes) papers that directly address LGBT ageing and later life. Contributors will be asked to provide written versions of their papers and these will be compiled in the form of a briefing to be circulated to relevant stakeholders in Scotland. Papers may take any form including:

• Case-studies from practice or research
• ‘Think-pieces’ on how LGBT ageing is understood and responded to
• Summaries of research
• Reviews of the literature
• Methods used to investigate LGBT ageing and the challenges faced

Papers detailing work from across the UK (and beyond) are invited, however the organisers particularly welcome contributions detailing work undertaken in Scotland or with direct relevance to the Scottish context. Deadline for submission is Monday 29 March 2010.

This event is free to attend.

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  1. This event sounds really interesting. It raises important general issues relating to identity. This very morning I was lying in bed trying hard to remember what actually happened and was said at the very first meeting of the BSG. I remember I went there out of curiosity as a result of pressure from Boris Allan. When the meeting got on to the subject of setting up a committee, several psychologists were put forward and then Boris said 'There should be a sociologist'. 'Good idea' said Dennis Bromley (or some such response), 'who do you suggest?' 'Bill Bytheway', Boris replied. I recount this anecdote because I had spent several years before this describing myself as 'a statistician working on sociology'. I knew that without a degree in sociology I was not a sociologist. Boris's proposal was one of the first instances when I was granted the identity.

  2. This should be interesting for some of our PhD students. Are there any travel bursaries available?